Gordon Sport Horses & Gordon Quarter Horses

Welcome Gordon Quarter Horses was established around 20 years ago. Gordon Sport Horses was established two years ago, you may ask why. Jenn and I recognized our love and care for horses was synonymous, the Quarter Horse as a horse with it's versatile, smart, good natured, well mannered and a pleasure to ride was the focus as we looked for horses to own. We found the Quarter Horse can compete in many different events, unfortunately most know the Quarter Horse as a working horse. This gives the impression of a strong, short, stocky style horse, which is true for many, is also false, Hunter, Jumpers, and Dressage are Disciplines the quarter horse excels. When you hear the name Gordon Quarter Horses you think we only provide a horse that is built to work cattle or western pleasure. So Jenn and I added the name Gordon Sport Horses, a name meant to include all styles of horses built to compete in many different disciplines. We have kept the Quarter Horse name because of the success experienced over the 20 years of showing in the AQHA and NSBA.

I am including some pictures which show how the Quarter Horse is versatile and can be used for a host of different disciplines.