Cruze on Over aka “Daisy”

Daisy attended the 2019 Sallie B Wheeler hunter breed show in Lexington VA this August. The Sallie B Wheeler is a Hunter Breeding Championship created in 2002 to increase awareness of the Hunter Breeding. It has recently expanded to two championships an East and West coast. The same judges officiates at both championships, open to yearlings, two year olds and three year olds. Classes are judged on conformation, way of moving, quality, substance, and suitability to become hunters.

Daisy entered the show not knowing she is a young Quarter Horse filly competing against breeds predominantly know in the Hunter arena to be larger with stride lengths "supposedly" longer how she would compete.

From the moment she stepped off the trailer we were quick to learn Daisy had a good chance of doing well, she attracted attention from everyone who saw her.

When show day came around Daisy was braided, primped, shined and ready to go. She certainly showed us she was a born show horse who knew when to turn it on. Friday she entered the ring against a group of horses who were more seasoned then her, most had shown and placed at Devon. After catching the eye of many competitors and the judges Daisy was placed 4th out of 11. Every day being different in the show ring Daisy still came out showing she is a strong competitor with a look and stride that can compete with any hunter horse she is with. Daisy was 5th out of 11 and high point Quarter Horse of the show. Daisy not only showed how wonderful of a horse she is, she helped us to join in the hunter breeding world quickly, we made good friends who were an asset to us this weekend and will continue to be good friends in the future.

Daisy is home and doing well, growing and excelling daily. She will be going to the All American Quarter Horse Congress this fall to show in the yearling lunge line class. Keep checking back to see how she does in her up coming shows.